Prema = LOVE Prema is an ancient sanskrit word that means love.

Walk into Wellness


As we navigate through today’s challenges, it is reassuring to know that Prema is a space where everyone would be accepted as they are and treated with the highest level of care by gifted practitioners. Prema is an all-inclusive wellness centre that offers a safe compassionate environment with a high level of care. Your wellness needs are as unique as you are and whatever wellness means to you, we are here for you. As we have grown, so have our services. We offer massage, acupuncture, naturopathy and a full esthetics team. We know that after spending some time with us you will leave saying “I just feel better.”

Welcome to our home!

You’ll feel it when you walk through our doors. Our team will greet you like they’ve known you for years and will gladly answer any questions you may have about our services, our team of therapists and how we can help you feel your best. The atmosphere is relaxed, simple and inviting, like spending time with a close friend in their living room. We want you to feel good from the moment you arrive until long after the time you leave. Knowing you’re looking forward to coming back for your next treatment is what brightens our day.

We know you care. So do we.

We know you want to feel good about the choices you make when it comes to your values, lifestyle, and well-being. We care too. It’s why we carry natural, local and ethically sourced products in our Wellness Centre and Prema Boutique. Natural hemp-based lotions and gels, organic skin care products, alkaline water,  organic teas, pure essential oils, natural, locally made bath salts, all natural candles, low EMF infrared sauna technology, and unique community partnerships.

Our Core Values and Culture.

When you walk through the doors at Prema, you’ll see a copy of our core values. We present these core values to all new team members when they join our Prema family and strive to embody them in all that we do for each other and for you.

PASSIONATE We have a deep passion for wellness, a sincere passion for helping others and an enthusiastic passion for life. RESPECTFUL We respect everyone around us and treat our working space as our home. We avoid harmful gossip and practice kindness towards our clients and our team. ENGAGED We show up prepared with a positive and cheerful attitude. We are present with others and offer to help whenever we can to create a sense of connection and community. MOTIVATED We are driven to provide excellent experiences and encourage each other to do and be our best. We empower our clients with tools to improve their wellbeing. AUTHENTIC We are driven to provide excellent experiences and encourage each other to do and be our best. We empower our clients with tools to improve their wellbeing.

Prema Britannia
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