We want to first say thank you to everyone who has been supporting us through the lockdown. As of right now, we are scheduled to be open for services by Jan. 12 based on the AHS guidelines. If the lockdown continues, we will be open for limited services including Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Massage with a Doctor’s note. Just like before, we are always following proper COVID-19 health and safety guidelines to ensure you can have a safe visit to our locations.

As per the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Registered Massage Therapists can provide services during the current COVID-19 lockdown under the following guidelines:

  • All clients must have either a written prescription from a Medical Doctor, or a written referral from a regulated health professional.
  • An existing written prescription or referral is only valid if issued within the last 12 months.
  • The written prescription or written referral (copy of original is acceptable) must be provided prior to receiving treatment.
  • A copy of the written prescription or written referral must be kept in the client’s file.

We encourage you to provide us with your written prescription or referral in advance of your appointment by emailing it to: and including it as an attachment.

If you are unable to send us a copy of your written prescription or referral in advance, you must bring it with you to your appointment.

In addition, we have introduced a new 15 minute Consultation service with one of our Acupuncturists or Naturopathic Doctor for $25, where you can request a massage referral note. Please give us a call at (403) 243-4040 to book this service prior to your appointment.

Please note that without a valid written prescription or referral we will have no choice but to refuse service.


Please note that regular monthly payments will also begin on Jan. 12.


All membership contractual obligations must be adhered to as per your term and agreement.

This includes 30 days written notice upon completion of the original term of the agreement.

Send your written request 

Holds and Freezes must also be requested in writing


No refunds on product sales.  You may return any unused, unopened products for exchange only.